Design Incorporating Well-Being

Jennifer Harding was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario. In 2007, she moved to Toronto to study fashion at George Brown College then upon completion, she started her own line catering to the modest market. Through fashion, she started doing her own photo-shoots with models for each new collection. She then studied architectural design and has since been implementing her creativity across different residential and workplace spaces. She loves a good design challenge and emphasizes upon meeting the needs of her clients with her design methodology of efficient use of space to cater to the well-being of people.

I am compassionate and dedicated. I love to learn new things and always strive for perfection. Design and photography are stems of who I am, creative and always in the moment. I find design to be a canvas to produce a story,  as I feel that space should contribute to the well-being of all those within it. My children and family are my life and every photo shoot I am able to capture makes me feel privileged to be able to share and capture moments of others that will last a life time.

Architectural design

First stages in a project are very important to understand your client´s needs. With different tools we approach our customers with the best solutions to know their targets, their audiences. This requires planning from the very first stage in order to execute according to the clients' needs while also maintaining a sense of well-being.

Personal and Event Photography

We find photography fascinating that shows and creates an emotion. If you have a story to tell we would love to hear it and freeze a moment in time for you to look back on forever and cherish that day.

Interior Design

Event management requires a sense of aesthetic based upon the requirements of the event as well as the personalization of elements integral to the basis of the event. We customize this aesthetic for each client so as to meet their needs.